SecureMyResearch provides you with consulting and resources to help you protect research data and comply with cybersecurity requirements in grants, contracts, and data use agreements.

SecureMyResearch aims to reduce your cybersecurity and compliance burden, letting you do what you do best, namely world class research.

SecureMyResearch is a joint initiative by Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR), the Information Security vertical in the Office of Vice President for Information Technology (OVPIT), and UITS Research Technologies, and supported by the Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology. 

SecureMyResearch offers the following services to help you conduct your research securely, regardless of whether you are working with regulated or unregulated data.

  1. A cookbook, a one-stop, self-service resource that provides recipes for common research use cases (e.g. share data with IU and external collaborators) that have security and compliance baked in. You will enter keywords related to what you want to accomplish and see a list of matching recipes. Clicking on the desired one will provide step-by-step directions that help you secure your data.
  2. One-on-one consulting, a single place you can go now to get help with any cybersecurity and/or compliance issues. Simply email
  3. Advocacy, a vehicle to communicate your needs and frustrations. SecureMyResearch will take your feedback to the appropriate IU stakeholders.

Questions SecureMyResearch can help answer for you include:

  • Can you help me design a secure workflow?
  • Can IU support cybersecurity requirements in my grant, contract, or data use agreement?
  • Can you help me translate this compliance regime into implementables?
  • What does this cybersecurity clause in my grant, contract, or data use agreement mean?
  • Are any new cybersecurity regulations coming down the pike that will impact me?
  • Can you review my proposal to see if I am meeting cybersecurity requirements?
  • Can you help me document compliance?

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