CACR's Mission

Our mission is to provide people with the knowledge and skills they need to manage cybersecurity risks in complex, challenging environments where standard cybersecurity practices do not suffice. It does so through a combination of thought leadership, applied research, training and education, and extensive interdisciplinary collaboration.

IU is a global thought leader in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary cybersecurity research. CACR is at the core of this mission by putting theory into practice as it assists critical infrastructure, research, and national security communities across Indiana, and beyond.

Scott Shackelford, Executive Director

Our purpose is practical, evidence-based impact. Organizations and communities of all kinds face both practical limitations and ongoing mysteries in terms of exactly how (and how much) to prioritize cybersecurity. These folks need help now. We pride ourselves on being independent, trusted partners and proactive, passionate collaborators.

Craig Jackson, Deputy Director

Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research

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