20th Anniversary Celebration

Twenty years of cybersecurity excellence

On February 23, 2023, CACR looked back at two decades of cybersecurity excellence and looked ahead at influential trends.

The recording of the event is now available.

Opening keynote speaker was Rear Admiral Heidi Berg, director, Plans and Policy, J5, U.S. Cyber Command. Closing keynote speaker was Bruce Schneier, noted public-interest technologist and lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School, talking about his new book, A Hacker’s Mind.

Other speakers at the event included:

  • Fred Cate, IU vice president for research and founding director of CACR
  • Von Welch, former executive director of CACR
  • Amanda Craig Deckard, senior director of global cybersecurity policy, Microsoft Corp.
  • Anita Nikolich, director of Research and Technology Innovation and research scientist, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Robert Templeman, SSTM, NAVSEA distinguished engineer for cybersecurity

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Bruce Schneier

Internationally renowned security technologist


Rear Admiral Heidi Berg
Director, Plans and Policy, J5, U.S. Cyber Command


Anita Nikolich

Director of Research and Technology Innovation and Research Scientist


Rob Templeman

NAVSEA Distinguished Engineer for Cybersecurity, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division


Fred Cate

CACR Founding Director and Senior Fellow


Von Welch

Former CACR Executive Director


Amanda Craig-Deckard

Senior Director, Global Cybersecurity Policy, Microsoft

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