Update regarding CACR and Indiana University Grand Challenges


After attending the Grand Challenge Town Hall meetings and learning more about Indiana University's vision for the Grand Challenges, I have decided not to have CACR lead a Grand Challenge idea but instead support IU's faculty in their Grand Challenge ideas. This includes Grand Challenges directly related to cybersecurity and those that have a need for cybersecurity in supporting their own vision.

CACR, with funding from NSF and the Department of Energy, has emerged as the premier center for the applied research of cybersecurity to scientific research. We have worked with dozens of science projects around the Nation, including astronomy, particle physics, GIS, nano-materials, sensor networks and others. We excel at the application of risk-based cybersecurity to optimizing the productivity of trustworthy science.

We are happy to either consult with you on possible cybersecurity issues during the preparation of your Grand Challenge idea and proposal, match you with appropriate cybersecurity faculty on campus, or partner with you directly on tackling your grand challenge.

Please don't hesitate to contact cacr@indiana.edu if we can be of help.

Von Welch
Director, CACR

Message to IU Faculty Regarding Grand Challenges at Indiana University


Indiana University's Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research is actively involved in the University's Grand Challenge Initiative. Our leadership team and fellows collaborate across IU schools and centers and with many other academic, government, non-profit, and corporate entities. CACR is the only university-level center in the United States that involves legal, policy, economic, and behavioral research in cybersecurity, along with technical expertise.

CACR views cybersecurity as the means used by society to ensure cyberspace is a trustworthy venue for social, economic, political and other activity. Cybersecurity undertakings are inherently interdisciplinary with local, national and global dimensions. They involve technical, operational, legal, economic, policy, and countless other challenges. CACR's current activities include trustworthy infrastructure, identity management, risk management, privacy, leadership, big data, and governance projects.

CACR recognized that Indiana University more broadly is a leader in a variety of facets of cybersecurity including privacy, technical, management, law, and policy aspects. The U.S. Government has recognized IU as a National Center of Academic Excellence in both Information Assurance Research and in Information Assurance Education.

The CACR leadership team will submit a Grand Challenge proposal that enables IU to make a significant contribution to the goal of trustworthy cyberspace. We welcome your input to shape that proposal, and we would be glad to offer the expertise of our affiliates to help you consider the cybersecurity dimensions of your Grand Challenge concept. To connect with us, please write cacr@indiana.edu or contact any of the CACR leadership team directly.