Cybersecurity Tips

Cybersecurity Tips

Top cybersecurity tips

The following CACR cybersecurity tips were created by the CACR center staff with a variety of perspectives and using the following principles:

  • These tips are meant for average citizens, rather than businesses or experts.
  • No saying “don’t” - You are using a computer to get work done; tips must be doable rather than prohibitive.
  • Tips must be reasonable for a non-technical person to do.
  • Perfection is the enemy of the good. These tips do not eliminate risk, but they do reduce it.

Our top tips:

  1. Use a password manager for strong, unique passwords.
  2. Use two-factor authentication in addition to passwords for critical accounts.
  3. Do backups (and test them).
  4. Use lock screens and device managers to protect against lost and misused devices.
  5. Monitor financial accounts.
  6. Freeze credit.
  7. Apply software updates / patches.
  8. If you weren’t looking for it, don’t “buy it."
    • If someone calls or emails you, or something pops up while you're surfing, don’t fall for it.
    • For software, go find it from an official site.
  9. Don’t perform critical functions on public computers.