Who we are

CACR's chief asset is its knowledgeable and dedicated administration, staff, fellows and students. CACR prides itself on the professional diversity of its staff, each with unique skills and experiences that contribute to our expertise. CACR staff is made up of people from all disciplines, including computer science, informatics, accounting and information systems, criminal justice, law, organizational behavior, and public policy.

The center’s leadership reflects this range of expertise:

  • Director Von Welch has more than a decade of experience developing, deploying, and providing cybersecurity for private and public sector HPC and distributed computing systems.
  • Administrative Director Leslee Bohland has more than two decades of experience in management and accounting.
  • Chief Policy Analyst Craig Jackson's research interests include risk management, information security program development and governance, legal and regulatory regimes’ impact on information security, and identity management.
  • Chief Security Analyst Susan Sons focuses on the advancement of cybersecurity practice for research and development organizations. She serves as ISO of Open Science Grid and President of the Internet Civil Engineering Institute.