William Barnett is the Chief Research Informatics Officer (CRIO) for the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) and the Regenstrief Institute.  In that role, he has a dual integrated mission.

First, to provide, integrate, and advance biomedical informatics services, including process-based services like the clinical trials, data management, and web portal services provided by the Indiana CTSI, and also to lead the research data and analytics services.  Secondly, to provide informatics research leadership to develop and apply innovative informatics approaches to advancing healthcare research as a Regenstrief Investigator.  He is also a Visiting Associate Research Professor in the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics at the IU School of Medicine.

In addition to his experience in information technologies for the life sciences, Barnett also has experience in digital libraries, multimedia technologies and has worked in both museum and nonprofit environments. Before coming to IU, Barnett was Deputy Director of the Fresno Metropolitan Museum in California and Vice President and CIO at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. Barnett holds degrees from the College of William and Mary, and Boston University.